Appleseed (2004)

Running Time: 106 mins

Rated: PG13


Appleseed!!!!!!!, This version is revamped for a different generation (OURS) and is a  different variation than the 1988 OVA release. The 1988 was more comedy than action the jokes in it were  funny but nothing rememberable about that I could think of. First off this version is made of pure ORGASMIC Eye-Candy str8 outta the Lab :P. When I first saw how beautiful it was I was shocked because the consistency of the cel-shaded graphics were something to see which made look SO GOOOD ZOMG! The water didn’t help much either THAT shizzle was so frikkin nice to see and we all know how hard it is to get water done with Cel-shaded technology and yeah I’m getting it on Blu-Ray. The OST is pretty kool and gives you the heightened feeling of Urgency needed for situations through out the film quite nicely but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to get it copy of it though (but the opening scene track is my favourite one!). Deunan Knute is the lead protagonist of the movie and a frikkin Diamond in the Rough (literally), she was born to be an ASS kicker from day one and does it well. Deunan has a rough history despite her hotness and Ass kicking abilities despite that makes her similiar to all tough girls out there  but her delivery is different and easily welcomed. Briareos Hecatonchires is the secondary protagonist of the movie not much is known about him except for the past history that’s shown between him and Deunan. He’s seems to care for Deunan a bit (who wouldn’t the chick’s been illustrated awesome) but he’s torn between his duty to city and being with her (too bad for him! you guys think i got a chance?!?!!), The secondary characters are really strong in this story and liked all of em (cept for those fucking geezers) which makes the overall esemble rememberle which gives the story more ground to walk on. Appleseed is definitely a movie anyone would watch due to how beautiful it looks and the story isnt original as you would think but the way it is done is what makes it refreshing (lets be honest here we all know this movie looks to pretty to pass up :P).

4 Stars Out of 5