Appleseed Ex-Machina

Appleseed Ex-Machina (2007)

Running Time:  105mins

Rated: PG13



Appleseed Ex-Machina!!!!!!!!, This is the sequel film to the Appleseed movie that was released in 2004. The sequel is really FRIKKIN awesome and was very satisfying to watch (well the second time around). The first time I saw Ex-Machina I wasn’t impressed by the film, I thought they just made the sequel to show off their animation skills, however the second time around that changed. The story was a lot stronger and better developed than the 2004 version (plus John Woo was involved which definitely sold it even more!). The CGI-illustration takes another Step Up the ladder with Ex-Machina which makes it look like a frikkin Gem (yeah we werent surpisred at all!) and yeah it’s still ORGASMIC EYE-CANDY! The OST isn’t as outstanding as the CGI looks in comparison to what they give you (from the first film) and how they deliver it but still good enough for me to remembrance of it (Opening TRACK again :P). Deunan Knute is the lead character again and she’s bad ass as ever (probably even more BAD ASS! 😛) not much to talk about this time around she’s still passionate as ever when it comes Briaroes (that man/machine lucky as hell). Briareos Hecatonchires returns as well this time he’s more complicated than ever (yeah the guy probably feels like a punching bag right about now) but as usual Deunan sticks to him like glue REGARDLESS of what he goes through. Tereus is new character brought in for the film, he looks like what Briareos did when he was human (messed up I know!!!!) and despite that he holds his own in a fight but that’s only due to Briareos’ DNA. In general I liked the dimension he brought as a character (showed us how Deunan and Briareous would look together!) and enjoyed the stubborness he showed early out in the film and all this being said from a who despised him the first time around WOW how ive matured! Haha ;). The movie leaves you with an open ending though (YEAH THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!) so in the near future I welcome a sequel to this awesome movie series! Overall the sequel is really good (better than the 04 movie :P).


I heard that there is going to be a TV Series (2011) but something completely different to the settings of either movie.

Stars Out of 5