Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Episodes: 1 – 13

Air Date: 8th / April / 2008


Vampire Knight is a story about three individuals;Yuki Cross, Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu they all go to the same school, Cross Academy. Yuki Cross is the main character of the series. Yuki is a girl who doesn’t remember anything from her past; Yuki’s earliest memories are when she was attacked from a Vampire but is saved by Kaname Kuran another Vampire. Kaname takes Yuki to live with his friend called Kaien Cross a human. Kaien takes a liking to Yuki and adopts her. Kaname Kuran is the second Protagonist of VK and is a Pure Blood Vampire who saved Yuki whilst she was a little girl, as a pure blood he doesn’t have the urge to drink the blood as lower vampires do and commands an entourage who would do anything for him. The third Protagonist is Zero Kiryu; Zero witnessed the murder of his entire family from a Vampire and in the process of the attack he was bitten. After the attack Zero is taken into the home of the Cross’ and starts to live with both Yuki and Kaien. Kaien Cross is the Headmaster of Cross Academy. The school is divided into two classes The Day Class and Night Class. The Day class is full of humans while the Night Class is full of Vampires led by Kaname Kuran. Yuki and Zero act as body guards for the night class but in truth they protect the day class from the vampires so that they wouldn’t succumb to their thirst for human blood. As time goes on the bite that Zero got when he was young is slowly turning him into a Vampire a race he despises due to his family dying by the hands of one. Despite turning into a vampire he strongly fights against his urges to drink blood till one day he finally succumbs and attacks the nearest person to him Yuki. This doesn’t fair well for Zero because Kaname Kuran also has his eyes on Yuki Cross.


Vampire Knight!!, Hmmmm not much is to be said about it from what I’ve watched and it seems like a teen drama for girls (the yaoi styled pretty boy art :(), the girls are cute but nothing I’m not familiar with. The Custom design for the series is well thought out which blends pretty cool with the gothic style storyline (Good Stuff from Matsuri Hino). They are some inconsistencies in the drawings for the series but nothing to make it look subpar and unpolished. The Gothic OST was OK to listen to but (yeah it didnt get my cookie to crumble) it’s well suited for the Gothic Theme of the story.  The series failed the 5 Episode Test and when you fail that test I normally stop watching but since I’m doing the BLOG now I gave it a second chance and watched the complete series. Yuki Cross is the main star of the season; she’s a Cute character to look at, she can fight a bit but she isnt bad ass and due to how slowly the series went I can tell that there’s more going on in the show than the 13 episodes. Kaname Kuran this is the secondary character of the show, He’s major cool and and too smooth for my liking but he’s my favourite character of this (not so loving) series he’s soft spoken, charismatic basically he’s what most guys want to be (doesnt even have any douchebag moments). Zero Kiryu is third lead character of the series; This 13 episode season revolves around him and his personal demons and shows us how he looks at the vampires. Personally I dont like him due to his bitter attitude (rightfully so, HTF would you react seeing your family slaughter by some Vampire C*** ?!?!?!) towards everyone. The supporting Cast dont do much for the series (more eye-candy for the ladies) so they really arent much to talk about except for Kaien Cross he’s the guy you want to see most of the series but wont :(. Vampire Knight as a story is quite original and is actually good in it’s own right but I personally dont like it that much, ill probably see the sequel series whenever im bored but i defintely will not rewatch the season. Overall I think this is a female anime series to check out due to the “Vampire Craze” that’s been going on and due to the story following a girl being chased by guys, it defintely is set out for a female audience.

3 Stars Out of 5