Upcoming Anime: Blue Excorcist

Blue Exorcist

Episodes: 1 – 26

Air Date: 10th / April / 2011

Blue Exorcist!!!!!, This series is one I’ve been waiting for since last year! The artwork is what caught my Eye and reminded me of Nabari no Ou (despite I never finished watching it :(). The story is as weird as they can get with the Heaven Vs Hell battle and interesting enough for me to make me have it down as a priority to watch, BUT sadly we gotta wait to April ARGH!!!!.

In Blue Exorcist they are Two Dimensions that mirror each other, The Human Dimension called Assiah and the Demon Dimension called Gehenna. Satan is the leader of the demons of the Gehenna Dimension and he wants a container where as he will be able walk among the people of the Assiah Dimension. Okumura Rin is the boy who has is chosen to be Satan’s container, however when Satan kills Rin’s Adoptive father Rin has decided to go to WAR with Satan which then forth Rin becomes an Exorcist. Yeah!!!!!! 😛 I have more information about the show but I think that should be enough to get you guys interested in it 😛 (I’m weak I was sold on a DAMN Poster 😥 haha). Hope you check it though cause I will!