Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

Episodes: 1 – 23

Air Date: 5th / February / 2006


The story takes place in a futuristic domed city called Romdeau, the dome is built to protect its citizens from the toxic gas of the wasteland from the ecological disaster that took place Centuries ago. In this Utopia humans co-exist with androids that are known as Auto-Reivs, and are able to coexist due to the total management system. A series of murders start to take place throughout the utopia, and the murders aren’t being committed by humans but by the Auto-Reivs. The reason the Auto-Reivs start to commit murder is due being infected with the Cogito Virus, the virus causes Auto-Reivs to become self-aware. Due to the outbreak of the virus Romdeau social order starts to fall into ruin.

Romdeau’s Government have been conducting experiments on a mysterious humanoid life form called a “Proxy”. The Proxy escapes from the laboratory and goes on a rampage killing everything in its site. After researching the proxy’s rampage it Is shown that the proxy is chasing after an Immigrant citizen known as Vincent Law, this isn’t the first time Vincent is seen in close vicinity of a proxy. Why is Vincent Law always in close proximity of a proxy whenever it shows up.It’s highly possible that he is connected to the proxy in some way and what really is a Proxy? and why is the Romdea Government so desperate to capture and why is there a sudden outbreak of a virus strictly for Auto-Reivs.


Ergo Proxy! There isn’t much that can I say about the series, the seires name alone is pretty cool though, but the Overall the series is really Frikkin Amazing I couldn’t believe how well executed it was and how MINDBLOWING the it Ending was, this sssshhhhite!!!  was SO WELL DONE ZOMG. The series was engaging straight from episode 1 to twenty-three and to be honest only true anime fans would sit down and patiently watch the series this isnt one of those Anime with fighting right through, it falls in the aspect of a Dystopian life in a apocalypse world and also shows us different aspects of the how people can be seen in an negative light due to how mankind treats its surroundings. Ergo Proxy is a mis-adventure (highly doubt they really wanted to travel the wasteland but it’s all about finding the truth) in a post-apocalyptic world which left me wanting more. I thought the artwork was a definite gem and I see no inconsistencies in it but I curse Funimation for not bringing out a Blu-Ray version up to now. The story was well done exquistly especially the way they tore layers of information off to explain how the world fall into devastation, It was done so brilliantly that it left dumbfounded :$. The OST was well done! and possibly one of the best (if not) Post-Apocalyptic OST i’ve ever heard  the way it provided the series with that unique eerie aura feeling that it needed to drive a STACK in my heart of remembrance! Vincent Law is one of the dual protagonists; he wasn’t likeable and that’s due to his bickering but I did get his plight though guess I’ll be a bit bitchy if I lost my memory as well, but his characterization was pretty nice so I did enjoy watching him and he didnt make me cringe like some other characters out there. Re-L Mayer is the other half of the dual protagonists, she’s a bitch in the earler episodes of  the series but thats due to her status as a “Princess” and as one she expects everything to go her way and everyone to give her respect however her encounter with Vincent Law changes everything . She grows on you later in the series (won’t tell you which episode :P) but she still has that annoying bitch vibe. In truth and in all honesty the AGENT OF DEATH was a frikkin great watch and I’d watch it again preferably on Blu-Ray so Funimation when the fuck is that gonna happen?

5 Stars Out 5



  1. I remember watching this but i don’t remember anything about it. I need to stop drinking so damn much.

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