Upcoming New Anime: Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and Bunny

Episodes: 1 – (Unknown)

Air Date: 3rd / April / 2011

In the city of Schternbilt City most of the citizens are called “Next”. The “Next” are people with superpower abilities and use their abilities to do superhero. Their heroic activity is rewarded with sponsorship logos or by using a point system where they earn “Hero Points”. Their heroic activities are broadcasted as a popular television show called Hero TV. An annual contest where all the super heroes gather is called “King of Heroes”. The story mainly follows Kotetsu T. Kaburagi a veteran hero who’s called Wild Tiger, as Wild Tiger he likes to work alone but is assigned with a partner, a young man named Barnaby Brooks Jr who goes by the name Bunny. This is how Tiger and Bunny team up!

The artwork and the styled customs speaks to me in a Super Sentai Series kinda way, SOOOO YEAH im expecting some cheesy battle posses and crappy name calling moves siGh*. The CGI looks pretty good but since I still haven’t warmed up to fuled injected CGI action scenes maybe I’ll give it the 5 Episode Test (but who knows!??! i could be lying right about now) , but shhh so much other stuff is out there that catches my attention (CURRENTLY). In the long run I do actually hope that there’s a hidden bad guy running the corporations and the City itself and have every1 has some typa purpose to play in the life of some bigger scale!!! BUTTT realities hits so i highly doubt it’s gonna be something like that 😦 but we can dream can we?


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