Episodes: 1 – 24

Air Date:  6th / April / 2008


In a fictional version of Germany there’s an outbreak of Biomechanical creatures that are called “Demoniacs”. The Demoniacs are corpses who underwent a metamorphosis and which changed their dead flesh into the biomechanical material which allows them to see” rise from dead”. The Demoniacs begin to attack people and with no remorse. The attacks are random and puts the poputlation at risk, so protect the public the Government forms the Xenogenesis Assault Team to battle the Demoniacs. They also have team of scientists working around the clock to find a solution to why the corpses are coming back to life. The Demoniacs have a pecial ability where as they can fuse with any mechanical device and use it to defend against the XAT squad. The fight against the Demoniacs seems to be going well but when a Bike Racer called Gerd gets caught up in one of the skirmhes with the Demoniac he becomes paraplegic after a battle between two Demoniac.  A Strange woman approaches Gerd and gives him pill and promising him that he will be able to walk again,without hesitation Gerd takes the pill and is able to walk again, but with side effect of him being turned into a Living Demoniac.


Blassreiter! First off id like to say the series wasnt as CORNY as I thought it would be but rather interesting for the most of the series. The story will not suck in you in from the get go but it keeps you wanting to find out what’s really going to happen to the characters (especially Amanda) and thats because NO ONE is safe from the Blassreiter. The action scenes weren’t jaw dropping but definitely eye opening which left my surprised cause I dont really have much faith in CGI Action Scenes, but GONZO makes the best CGI animations for Anime Series so in truth I really shouldnt be that Surpised in all honesty. The story is simple and easy to follow so there’s no need to worry about being confused. The developments throughout the story were nicely done and left me satisfied with all characters to be honest. The animation was pretty consistent and is rather familiar but sadly I can’t remember where I remember the character style from. The music isn’t rememberable which is sad so overall this would probably the weakest thing about the series, and yeah we ALL need that special build up theme to keep us on the edge of our seat! Jacob Jobson the main protagonist was refreshing to see never met a character like him before but he has the usual loner type traits. Amanda Werner was made of pure Eye-Candy from the get go didn’t think she was important for the story but I was wrong she’s probably the only character that you can say had it easy throughout the entire story because everyone wanted to save her (maybe her Cleavage won over everyone? lol) but other than her assets she wasn’t  a bad character to see in action. Overall I liked most of the characters (loved Amanda) and the only characters I found rather annoying were the bestfriend duo GERD and HERMANN they were both noisy and annoying as hell but served their purpose well.I guess Blassreiter wasn’t a bad watch but I definitely enjoyed it more than I did other series people think are so good (Elfen Lied) but that’s a story for another day.

Stars Out of 5



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