Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley Of the Wind (1984)

Running Time: 115 mins

Rated:  PG


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, This film is one I’ll never forget and will always be on my tongue when I talk about Classic Anime Films. Nausicaa is the film that made Studio Ghibli such a powerhouse despite the movie coming out before Studio Ghibli was formed they have it listed as one of their productions. Hayao Miyazaki (Director and Writer) really did the World well when he made the film and I’m yet to hear someone state that this film is OVERHYPED and UNDERSERVING of its Credit. The Artwork is a Ground Basis for Studio Ghibli and with that being said the consistence is there (always will be!) and won’t be going away for decades to come. The music is very peaceful and really slowed paced for a Post-Apocalyptic film which was refreshing because i’m a bit tired of feeling depressed watching these things! The OST doesn’t make me feel any despair at all but only Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind HOPE whilst I was watching it. Nausicaa is the lead protagonist of the film(One of the Best out There), her character is the first female character I’ve seen that really strides for peaceful resolutions and one could hold her own in an actual fight, and THAT is what makes her stand out when you compare her to the other FEMALE characters. The Story is Original and very fulfilling to ANY/EVERYONE’s taste but this leads to my sole disappointment of the film is that it had to end (All good things come to an end)oh and the film was quite fluid :P. The movie is a one you could watch with your family so you don’t have to worry about not finding a good anime for the kiddies to watch :P. Overall I LOVE this film and will probably be re-watching AGAIN sometime in the near future.

5 Stars Out of 5


Wicked City

Wicked City (1987)

Rated: R

Running Time:  80mins


Wicked City, hmm…. this film is definitely weird and fucked up, and I enjoyed every single moment of it!!!. It’s not a perfect film, but its definitely has its moments, especially in the first 5mins “My God” <—-  that sums of those minutes quite correctly! The story isn’t a perfect one but enough to keep you interested for the full 80mins. I highly doubt they could make a TV series out of film, it’s quite difficult to find a plot device, but if you want to turn into another Police Procedural show and follow the characters during their initial job through the Wicked City well, I guess it would hold up for at least 26 Episodes other than that no can do! The main characters are Taki, Makie and Giuseppe Mayart (definitely got to say his full name haha!) but in this short film they do their job well enough to keep your attention, they aren’t rememberable like other characters (e.g. Kaneda from Akira), with that being said you will remember the experiences they go through and unsavory creatures they have to deal with (Bad Spiderbitch, Bad!). Wicked City is a good short film to watch id recommend it to anyone to watch, but it’s not one of those films where you’d definitely want more. It’s  Great the way it is, A short film.

Stars out of 5


Akira (1988)
Rated:  R
Running Time:  125 mins

Akira, WOW, that’s what i have to say about this film. If your new to anime you should definitely watch this film, and its a definite must and if your anime fan, if you haven’t seen it, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING? UNDER A ROCK!?!?!!! The artwork through out the film is great you’d swear it was made most recently, and another beautiful thing about it was how the music was fused to give you the authenticity of the environment because lets be honest this OST is weird as hell!  I have to warn you though, this film is GREAT up to the last 15mins, but that’s when its gets REALLY Weird, but that didn’t take away from the overall experience I had when I watched it.


Just a little history on what impact this film has left . The Poster for Akira inspired Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto’s Creator) to become a Mangaka. It also showed the world the not all “Cartoons” can be for kids alone.

5 Stars out of 5