NEW Movie Annnounced: “Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5: Blood Prison”

Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5: Blood Prison

Release Date: 30th / July / 2011

New NARUTO Movie!!!YAY!!” am I really supposed to be happy about this?«but before i give my thoughts on this naruto movie, the movie will have an Anime short right at the beginning titled “Naruto Vs Konohamaru: The Burning Chunnin Exam”» Now back to our regular station….The last Naruto movie I’ve tried to watch was Bonds and PHUCK!!!!! that was disappointing as HELL, I stopped watching after 40th minute I couldnt subject my eyes and brain to such pain anymore, and personally the BEST Naruto movie I’ve seen is the one with the knight kid whats his name again!?!?…Temujin right right!!, moving on. The movie looks like its going to take place right before the “4th Great Ninja War” starts and apparently Naruto is trying to “Assasinate” The 5 Kages (BULLSHIT!!, I know right?), but I guess they had to find something Out Of Character to peek our interest for this Naruto movie to catch our slight interest (they failed getting my attention BTW!). Since hearing about the New Movie I said to myself “maybe I should give the other movies a chance? (HAHAHA right…)”, but in truth watching “Naruto become an assassin would initially be interesting to see but overall is BULLSHIT!! I bet there’s someone out there with a bloodline limit who can make an exact copy of the person but only by getting hold of some of their BLOOD before hand and command the copy to do their bidding!!! That’s the message I got from watching the trailer on the first time :), but as some of you are hardcore Naruto fans I do hope you enjoy the film, cause I havent enjoyed one of these films in years.


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley Of the Wind (1984)

Running Time: 115 mins

Rated:  PG


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, This film is one I’ll never forget and will always be on my tongue when I talk about Classic Anime Films. Nausicaa is the film that made Studio Ghibli such a powerhouse despite the movie coming out before Studio Ghibli was formed they have it listed as one of their productions. Hayao Miyazaki (Director and Writer) really did the World well when he made the film and I’m yet to hear someone state that this film is OVERHYPED and UNDERSERVING of its Credit. The Artwork is a Ground Basis for Studio Ghibli and with that being said the consistence is there (always will be!) and won’t be going away for decades to come. The music is very peaceful and really slowed paced for a Post-Apocalyptic film which was refreshing because i’m a bit tired of feeling depressed watching these things! The OST doesn’t make me feel any despair at all but only Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind HOPE whilst I was watching it. Nausicaa is the lead protagonist of the film(One of the Best out There), her character is the first female character I’ve seen that really strides for peaceful resolutions and one could hold her own in an actual fight, and THAT is what makes her stand out when you compare her to the other FEMALE characters. The Story is Original and very fulfilling to ANY/EVERYONE’s taste but this leads to my sole disappointment of the film is that it had to end (All good things come to an end)oh and the film was quite fluid :P. The movie is a one you could watch with your family so you don’t have to worry about not finding a good anime for the kiddies to watch :P. Overall I LOVE this film and will probably be re-watching AGAIN sometime in the near future.

5 Stars Out of 5

Appleseed Ex-Machina

Appleseed Ex-Machina (2007)

Running Time:  105mins

Rated: PG13



Appleseed Ex-Machina!!!!!!!!, This is the sequel film to the Appleseed movie that was released in 2004. The sequel is really FRIKKIN awesome and was very satisfying to watch (well the second time around). The first time I saw Ex-Machina I wasn’t impressed by the film, I thought they just made the sequel to show off their animation skills, however the second time around that changed. The story was a lot stronger and better developed than the 2004 version (plus John Woo was involved which definitely sold it even more!). The CGI-illustration takes another Step Up the ladder with Ex-Machina which makes it look like a frikkin Gem (yeah we werent surpisred at all!) and yeah it’s still ORGASMIC EYE-CANDY! The OST isn’t as outstanding as the CGI looks in comparison to what they give you (from the first film) and how they deliver it but still good enough for me to remembrance of it (Opening TRACK again :P). Deunan Knute is the lead character again and she’s bad ass as ever (probably even more BAD ASS! 😛) not much to talk about this time around she’s still passionate as ever when it comes Briaroes (that man/machine lucky as hell). Briareos Hecatonchires returns as well this time he’s more complicated than ever (yeah the guy probably feels like a punching bag right about now) but as usual Deunan sticks to him like glue REGARDLESS of what he goes through. Tereus is new character brought in for the film, he looks like what Briareos did when he was human (messed up I know!!!!) and despite that he holds his own in a fight but that’s only due to Briareos’ DNA. In general I liked the dimension he brought as a character (showed us how Deunan and Briareous would look together!) and enjoyed the stubborness he showed early out in the film and all this being said from a who despised him the first time around WOW how ive matured! Haha ;). The movie leaves you with an open ending though (YEAH THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!) so in the near future I welcome a sequel to this awesome movie series! Overall the sequel is really good (better than the 04 movie :P).


I heard that there is going to be a TV Series (2011) but something completely different to the settings of either movie.

Stars Out of 5


Appleseed (2004)

Running Time: 106 mins

Rated: PG13


Appleseed!!!!!!!, This version is revamped for a different generation (OURS) and is a  different variation than the 1988 OVA release. The 1988 was more comedy than action the jokes in it were  funny but nothing rememberable about that I could think of. First off this version is made of pure ORGASMIC Eye-Candy str8 outta the Lab :P. When I first saw how beautiful it was I was shocked because the consistency of the cel-shaded graphics were something to see which made look SO GOOOD ZOMG! The water didn’t help much either THAT shizzle was so frikkin nice to see and we all know how hard it is to get water done with Cel-shaded technology and yeah I’m getting it on Blu-Ray. The OST is pretty kool and gives you the heightened feeling of Urgency needed for situations through out the film quite nicely but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to get it copy of it though (but the opening scene track is my favourite one!). Deunan Knute is the lead protagonist of the movie and a frikkin Diamond in the Rough (literally), she was born to be an ASS kicker from day one and does it well. Deunan has a rough history despite her hotness and Ass kicking abilities despite that makes her similiar to all tough girls out there  but her delivery is different and easily welcomed. Briareos Hecatonchires is the secondary protagonist of the movie not much is known about him except for the past history that’s shown between him and Deunan. He’s seems to care for Deunan a bit (who wouldn’t the chick’s been illustrated awesome) but he’s torn between his duty to city and being with her (too bad for him! you guys think i got a chance?!?!!), The secondary characters are really strong in this story and liked all of em (cept for those fucking geezers) which makes the overall esemble rememberle which gives the story more ground to walk on. Appleseed is definitely a movie anyone would watch due to how beautiful it looks and the story isnt original as you would think but the way it is done is what makes it refreshing (lets be honest here we all know this movie looks to pretty to pass up :P).

4 Stars Out of 5

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

Running Time: 100 mins

Rating: Rated R


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, The movie’s good but not a favorite of mine (lack of the Major), but it keeps the aura of the first film and yes it still makes you put your brain in overdrive! (lollll). The movie’s storyline is similar to the original GITS but 3 times weirder than I ever expected, It’s still impressive enough for to watch though. Mamoru Oshii returns as director but was he wrote this specific story (yay!) and he dives right into the story by  making the line between Human and Dolls blurry (this time around) and he really did make it atisfying for us to watch him work his magic! The visuals for the movie are made of PURE ORGASMIC EPICNESS!!!! for the eyes and something to talk about for years (but Avatar out does the movie quite easily). I highly doubt there’s another anime film as pretty as this though (Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Complete a lot better and by far :P). “Major” Motoko Kusanagi doesn’t “really” return for the sequel (huge disappointment 😦 😥 ), but Batou (Protagonist this time around) does a good job on helping us not worry about her (the man’s got his cyber eyes set on the major!), his character was similar to the major but she was more stealthy and  he’s more of muscle than anything (AKA she’s a Ferrari and Batou’s a Ford Mustang GT :P) . They weren’t as many action scenes in the sequel as they were in the original (disappointed!!!) due to the dialogue aspect of the story (at times I mumbled because I wanted more action). Despite the lack of action I did enjoy the film because the dialogue of the film was justified due to the Locus Solus (Corporation of douche bags) mysterious ways of doing things in the movie; the movie is definitely a psychological thriller more than an action film (compared to the original). Yeah I know I’ve been comparing the original movie to the sequel a lot but without the original the sequel doesn’t have any footing to walk and rightfully so the sequel was great piece of work so thank you Mr. Mamoru Oshii for writing and directing such an awesome sequel. Due to the adult themes in the movie this is definitely not something for kids under 18 to watch. The only misgivings I have about the film is that it felt incomplete in certain aspects in the way it ended so in the near future if there’s a sequel I wouldn’t be to surprised.

4 Stars Out of 5

Ghost in the Shell V2.0

Ghost in the Shell: Original Release          (1995)

Ghost in the Shell V2.0                              (2008)

Running Time:  85mins

Rating: PG13


Ghost in The Shell!!!!!!!!!!, GEM GEM GEM GEM!!!! thats what ghost in the shell is, pure gem, the authenticity of the film was really surreal and it opened eyes and doors for the anime market in america (akira was the first door though :P). The film is so FRIKKIN awesome that the Wachowski brothers were inspired by it enough to give us The Matrix (awesome right?!).I first saw the movie when I was ten years old (weird age to start off watching this shit rite? Lol) and hell I didnt understood shit that went on, but I did enjoy the boob shots (Ninja Scroll effect haha!:P). When I got older and decided to see the film again to see if I could understand what was going on this time around I took up that challenge and yeah it was worth it and I saw the beauty in the film so easily. The movie is really frikkin surreal though gotta give it to Masamune Shirow for making the characters in the film and I wanna thank Mamoru Oshii for directing the film (awesome frikkin job dude!!!!!). The introductionary action sequence at the beginning was sudden and had my mouth open for a bit defintely didnt see that coming so early in the film. The movie isnt really as fast paced as I thought it would be but I thats a good thing due to being able to see the characters felt when they were tackling “The Puppet Master” (antagonist  of the film). The drawings for the film were nicely done but the only problem I had were the eyes of the “Major” Motoko Kusanagi, she looked like a white eyed demon, but i guess being a cyborg doesnt mean you’ll have those “Perfect” Blue eyes :P.  The OST for the film was weird (not Akira weird) but gave the film a aury background aura which made the film seems like “Things are ok, but they arent what you’d think it should be” thats my interpretation of the OST but someone may think im mad but whatever who cares ?!! (I dont :P). “Major” Motoko Kusanagi is the lead character of the film, if you are looking for someone to drop some jokes you’ve come to the wrong place, the Major is all about business and hardly cracks a smile (if any). She’s a full prosthetic cyborg (even her brain, yeah i know right u made your brain a frikkin harddrive?? WTF!!!!) which helps her with job as a police for Section 9 (weird as hell police force), they mainly protect the public and will do an occasional assassination job for the government. The Puppet Master hmmmm, i dont think ill say anything about him because you should watch it to really see whats going. Ghost in the shell is one of the best anime movies ive ever seen and its one where the world should see.

Note:  The 2008 version of the film was reproduced from the original animation with the latest digital film and animation technologies, and they rerecorded the original voice work from the original release to compliment the rerecorded OST.

Stars Out of 5



Spriggan (1998)

Running Time:  92mins

Rated:  PG13


Spriggan!!!!!!, Lets just some the film up in a 3 words, AWESOME ACTION FLICK. Spriggan isn’t one of the best anime films out there (storywise) but i defintely enjoyed it. I saw the film around the year 2000 (Wasn’t a big anime fan back then) but It was good enough for me to watch it again, and BAM when I did I remembered the action scenes like yesterday 😛 (wait for the FAT-MAN fight scene that shits CRAZZZZYYY!). Ominae Yu is the lead character of the film is quite likeable from the get go (but don’t get on his bad side ask fat-man ;)), he’s rather caring for a super soldier which is a suprise cause most super soldiers are distant and cold characters (good stuff right there COLD STREAKS RUN THE WORLD or Save it!!!! haha :D). Ominae is Japan’s number one Spriggan agent and if thats not good enough for ya try being the number one agent at agent 17 :P. The pace of the story wasn’t too impressive especially the first 20 minutes those few minutes were rushed but I personally thought it was a good attempt (making an anime film for an hour and a half you have to sacrifice something right? :(). What really impressed me about this particular film was how they portrayed “Noah’s Ark” as an atmospheric system which was quite original. After seeing this film I definitely would’ve preferred if this was an actual TV Series because it has MAJOR Potential to be a Great series, plus after doing some research I found out that there’s a Spriggan Manga and the movie used one of the Arc’s from the overall story. When I found that i was happy cause I wanted more spriggan but so far nothings actually come into fruition for more Spriggan!!! :'(so i gotta cop a copy of the Manga!. If you guys want an action anime with awesome action scenes Spriggan has your name written all over it! :P. NOW YOU WANT TO FIGHT!?!?!!!

4 Stars Out of 5