Read or Die OVA

Read or Die OVA

Episodes:  1 – 3

Air Date: 23rd / May / 2001


Read or Die is set in the alternative world where the British Empire is still a Major super power in the world. The British Library is integral to the Empire due to the intelligence agency that works within the Library. Yomiko Readman is the main character of the series and one of the agents that work for the Library. Yomiko is an avid book collector and reads whenever she gets a chance, during one of her shopping sprees Yomiko obtains an extremely rare German book called “die Unsterbliche Liebe” (translated The Immortal Beloved) but unknown to Yomiko a group of unscrupulous  individuals known as I-Jins are also after the book as well and will stop and nothing to get it. The British Library is also looking for the “die Unsterbliche Liebe” and luckily for them Yomiko obtains it before the I-Jins. When the I-Jins encounter Yomiko with the book they try to take it from her but unknown to them she works for the British Library as an Agent and her Codename: The Paper. Why are I-Jins after the “die Unsterbliche Liebe” and when they do get it what exactly do they have planned.


Read or Die, This mini series is quite entertaining and was fun to watch however i wouldn’t say it’s a definite must watch but I’d recommend it to anyone who wants something different. The show’s quite original and has a unique storyline. I’m kinda BUMMED right now cause i’m here thinking of a series that i could possibly compare it to but i’m drawing a blank (sowwie!) but maybe the blank is a good thing cause you might take a peep at it yourself ;).  The series is one of my earliest OVA moments and I consider it OVA heaven (Original Video Animation) due to satisfaction I got when it ended :(. The action scenes were limited (should’ve given us more!!!!! :@) but well done and definitely one of the high points of the mini series (im satisfied with the three episodes *siGh* dont know why but i should be greedy with this one!). I enjoyed Yomiko characterization (Main Character) it was fun to see her cause she’s not your typical bad ass chick (that we normall see). She’s a bit ditsy but the way she does it makes her overly cute and like most ditsy characters they can be fooled quite easily but don’t let that fool you she is strong willed and quite capable of defending herself against anyone or thing. The introductions of the I-Jin Characters were a bit abrupt (yea they get down like that!) so don’t be too shocked ;). The I-Jin’s characters are clones of real world people who have passed away (which made me do some research:P). Their anime counter parts were a bit intimidating when they showed up in the mini series (how was Yomiko-chan going to deal with these douches 😥 ) but sadly they were your typical villians so that means that they got the CLICHE sticker STUCK right on their foreheads (SAD SAD SAD!!!) but *siGh* they did kept my interest (Yomiko-chan had all my attention :$) a bit but I personally think that if they were given a bigger stage I probably would’ve enjoyed their characterizations more . Well the mini series it felt a bit rushed for my liking but none the less it definitely was a good watch.

4 Stars Out of 5




Episodes: 1 – 6

Air Date: 8th / August / 1992


In the distant future where technology has been abandoned in favor of Magic. The Four Lords of Havoc are bent on taking over the world in the namesake of their former master Dark Schneider. Their conquest leads them to the gates of Metallicana, the home of the hero who defeated Dark Schneider, Lars Ulu. Fifteen years after the defeat of Dark Schneider to Lars Ulu the Four Lords of Havoc finally decide to conquer the city of Metallicana. After Prince Lars defeated Dark Schneider he mysteriously disappears. Now with the Prince gone the High Priest of Metallicana has no choice but to ask his daughter Yoko and Rushe to save them from the Four Lords. Unbeknownst to the people in the castle Rushe is actually Dark Schneider; he has been sealed in the boy’s body.  When Dark Schneider is finally released from the spell contrary to belief that he would save them he makes it known that he plans on continuing his Conquest on conquering the world.


Bastard! This is one of the earliest Anime OVA’s I’ve seen and it’s quite good to be honest (TOO BLOODY SHORT 6 EPS WTF!?!?!?!) . The tone of the series is really dark and isn’t something I’d recommend for anyone under the ages of 18 to see. The show has a Record of Lodoss War feeling about it and thats due to the dark elements and high usage of magic that you see throughout the story. Dark Schneider’s the lead character of the story, the guy’s mad funny and quite the arrogant fuck-face but rightfully so (biggest bad ass around). I’m really annoyed at the fact the show wasnt completed because i saw it massive potential here (bleh the manga’s still guess ill have to read that to continue onward:P) but despite the let i did enjoy it and i would recommend it for anyone whos a big LOTR fan or anyone whos interested in anything medieval (despite it being post-apocalyptic). Kazushi Hagiwara (Creator of the series) is a huge heavy metal fan so if you see familiar names of characters and cities thats due to his love of the genre 😛 and I did find it to interesting fun to have these influences (thanks to my casual love for Megadeth and Metallica i realised these influences quite early :P)

4 Stars Out Of 5

(Sorry i couldn’t Find a Trailer after 3 Days of Searching)