WWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOIIIAAAAAAAAAA-EEEEEEE!!!! 1000 Views feels like heaven and im here only BECAUSE of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! My next goal is 2000 Views and i hope i can get that site cracked pretty soon! I’ll be taking a week’s break but not to worry i’m still working, im jus trying to get All the stuff for April sorted before the months hits us, but in the mean time take a look at my favourite Ayanami Rei Wallpaper.


For Japan

My heart goes out to the people of Japan in there time of need. I Woke up this morning feeling refreshed, I did my usual stuff then I checked my Blackberry only to read about the awful news of what has happened to nation of Japan. Alot of people would say that cant do much from there current position but thats totally wrong PRAYING helps everything. If you arent a believer thats up to you but I believe in the forever Love of God. We all should cherish how precious life is and give praise to maker and his son. With this I wish EVERYONE in the World a better tomorrow.

500 Views :D


WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally made it to 500 views and as for as i’m concerned its not me that made it possibly its you guys for checking the blog out so this post is dedicated to you THANKS-A-MANY 😀. I know its just a small amount a views but that itself is the FIRST Goal I had in mind for the blog and It shows I’m not completely SUCKY at Blogging HAHA! If you’re satisfied with what im doing thus far just bookmark the page or subscribe to the blog, leave comments on what you think and send me an email to let me know your thoughts or recommendations on shows out there 😛

Big Introduction!!!

First off, want to thank you for visiting my page, I’m n00b to blogging so bear with me a bit lol. I made this blog to keep myself from being idle, just recently unemployed not a great feeling so I said to myself HEY! Why not start a Blog?!?!! , so yeah here I am lol. I’m really here to talk Asian Shows mainly and since I’m from the Caribbean I came up with the name Caribbean Asian, cheesy I know right? haha :P, I’ll try to keep things clean as possible for people who are actually interested in getting in to the Asian TV Shows, Ohh and I would really appreciate it if you can send me some stuff you think I should check out 😛