Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Episodes: 1 – 27

Air Date: 1st / April / 2007


Simon lives his days by drilling holes to expand his underground village; where as the the villagers would be able to protect themselves from the constant earth quakes they get throughout the days. One day Simon attempts to leave the village with his “Bro” Kamina, he promises Simon that above them lives a world where there the Sun can provide the light. Kamina also runs a local gang in the village named “Team Gurren” who are the typical punk gang of  the Village. Simon and Kamina attempt to drill through the roof of the Village but their attempt is stopped by the Village Chief. The village chief arrests Kamina and puts him in prison for the trouble he caused, but allows Simon to to be free because he knew “kamina roped him into trying”. Their’s a sudden earthquake that occurs where the ceiling collapses and a giant robot known as a “Gunman” comes tumbling down. Yoko also falls with the Gunman and they start fighting in the middle of the Village. Simon however finds a mini Gunman that he duh up and wanted Kamina to pilot it to fight the Bigger Gunman but Kamina refuses the Gunman and tells him that he found it, and it is his to use. The trio battle the bigger Gunman and there fight leads them to surface world Kamina was talking about, however when they reach the surface they find themselves beneath additional Gunmen.


TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN!!!, The Series was unexpectedly a good watch which was quite surprising for me. I’ve heard people talking about Gurren Lagaan for years and just didn’t give it a chance due to the artwork (yes the artwork isnt much but grows on you slowly) alone but that just shows artwork isn’t everything to give you a Great Anime to watch, another example of that Is One Piece. One Piece isn’t the prettiest but the style grows on you slowly but surely. Gurren Lagaan has a simple plotline and very easy to follow im a bit concerned about the simplicity of it, but i still did enjoy like I would a GOOD Gundam Series (Gundam Wing sucks….get over it heero yui fanboys) The story isnt one with alot of politics but more about the characters and how they rise for the occasion and was quite moving from the beginning straight down to the end. The Animation isn’t STELLAR stuff but it gets the job done and fits the story quite well so I don’t have any complaints about it (yeah it grew on me FAST! lol) . The OST suites the series as well as the animation style and I have a very big liking for the OP, that shiznet was catchy as hell (like most anime series that are made of EPIC fun).  All the characters in the series served a purpose and made the series something worthwhile to see; Simon the Digger is the main character of the series, at first he wasn’t likable due to his constant whining (Gainax Shinji effect possibly?) but I’m gonna give him a break because who the hell wants to fight “Beast men” like seriously?? but during the course of the series he grows on you slowly but surely but that’s only due to the introduction of his woman. Kamina is the main source of jokes throughout the earlier episodes and was the driving main plot for everyone to rise up against the Epic Douche known as the Spiral King, Kamina’s belief in Simon was touching and something I haven’t seen in a character (maybe I have but I can’t remember!lol) and it was good to see him in this series. Yoko is the female protagonist of the series and is the source of eye-candy for the series (walking around in a bikini top?? PUM PUM shorts!!! can snipe targets out from LONGGGG RANG what the hell can go wrong there?!!?!?! :P), Yoko’s another strong female character we’ve been seeing a lot of  these days (Feminism FTW) in female characters, she doesn’t bring anything new to the table but her interaction with the main characters is welcomed easily. Overall GURREN LAGANN!!!!! is a fun and great watch kind of disappointed in myself for missing it for so long but hey it was worth the watch and I can see myself watching it again. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!?!?!?

4 stars out of 5